Established in 2002, CCM (Catering and Contracts Management) provides for the catering and hospitality needs of corporates, the mining sector and industrial concerns in Namibia. Our team has over a decade of experience and offers a complete management package, delivering all the non-core services our clients need but that are outside their areas of expertise.

CCM is committed to growing Namibia’s economy and benefiting its people. Through our supply chains, we strive for 100% procurement through Namibian suppliers and so empower previously disadvantaged individuals and local businesses. We are a proud and active member of the Namibian Chefs Association and the NCCI (Namibia Chamber of Commerce and Industry).

CCM have access to all the expertise and experience of our partner Fedics,
Southern Africa’s leading catering company. We also have the full backing of the
Tsebo Outsourcing Group.

We are the industry leaders, a diversified business that offers the most competitive rates. But it is our quality services, exacting standards and the difference we make for both our clients and the communities around their sites that makes us better.


CCM offer versatile and high quality catering services. As we’ve grown and increased our expertise, we’ve rapidly expanded our scope of services.



We currently service 1,300 rooms for our clients. This includes everything from making beds and washing linen to general housekeeping. We also service and maintain a guesthouse for our clients’ site auditors.


Industrial Catering

We provide a full catering solution to clients: breakfast, teatime snack; hot meals, lunch packs and dinners as well as a tea and coffee service. At one of our sites in Rosh Pinah, we serve more than 2,025 meals daily.


Remote Site Management

We bring our experience of facilities, catering, cleaning and procurement together to offer tailor-made remote site solutions. We can start a camp from scratch, recruit and train staff, establish supply chains as well as upgrade existing facilities and develop staff skills.


Corporate Catering

Our corporate catering offering is built around convenience and variety. We offer eating options that won’t cut into your employees’ time. Our menus change constantly so there’s always something new to try. Plus, our meals have a range of price points to suit the desires and budgets of employees at all levels.



We provide full cleaning services for our clients’ sites.
This includes the plants, offices and even the underground zones. We also provide domestic waste removal, ad-hoc house cleaning for mine villages and clean and maintain mine wash bays. We will even assist with storm water removal during the rainy season.



We offer a full range of garden services – gardening, maintenance and cleaning. This includes often-overlooked aspects, like cleaning walkways and carports. Our garden services provide a more comfortable environment for shift workers and contractors on site, helping to keep morale high.



We manage a landfill site and take on the responsibility for leveling the landfill site daily.



We currently manage 7 laundries and wash all PPE and private clothes as well as linen. We also manage 3 onsite change houses. We launder 2,200 overalls per day – 66,880 per month.



We provide an array of satellite catering for functions such as long service awards, GM road shows and production target functions. At one of our sites, we run a branded fast food restaurant (Max Snax) and a staff restaurant for our own profit or loss, and to provide our client’s staff with a welcome alternative. We also manage recreational facilities with liquor licenses.



We provide general site maintenance services for our clients’ shift workers villages, contractors’ camps and hostels.



We provide pest control services for all kitchen facilities and accommodation units. We also take responsibility for spraying insecticides and fertilizing plants when required.



We provide multiple services for the day to day running and cleaning of the settlements around our clients’ sites. This includes service for sewerage plant facilities, public toilet cleaning, door-to-door refuse removal, and skip and waste removal. We also take responsibility for all meter readings for electricity and water.